About Us


Who we are

As a dedicated ally in your business journey, our commitment extends beyond providing a service – we’re here to help secure your success for the long haul. Experience unmatched cost-efficiency with ELGEKA-FERFELIS, your trusted partner in achieving sustainable success. We leverage our extensive expertise, robust systems, and advanced infrastructure to guarantee resilient and potent results.

  1. Established in 2002, ELGEKA-FERFELIS is a leading commercial company in Romania's food and other FMCG sectors.
  2. We offer an integrated system of Commercial Services, including Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing, and Logistics.
  3. We’re part of the ELGEKA group which operates not only in Romania but also in Greece and Cyprus.

Why Choose Us

Added Value

We are an agile organization, using an integrated approach and cutting-edge technology to maximize your brand’s profitable growth and provide solutions to the most demanding supply chain challenges.


We provide fast and cost-efficient access to the Romanian market, so you can benefit from economies of scale and not be burdened by investing in fixed local infrastructure and assets.

The Romanian Market Challenge

Mastering Romania's challenging geography - a large surface covered by mountains, hills, forests and remote locations or difficult roads - and significant seasonal fluctuations in weather, with long, snowy winters - we ensure seamless distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) nationwide. Our advanced forecasting tools, agile logistics infrastructure, and local partnerships allow us to turn these complexities into our strengths, offering reliable and efficient distribution solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Romanian market.

Trustworthy Team

Our dedicated professionals are constantly improving their teams’ competencies with the aid of technology and state-of-the-art processes, to deliver the highest level of service excellence.

Network & Infrastructure

We offer reliable and efficient distribution solutions. Our network covers the entire country, including challenging areas, either directly or via a carefully selected partner network. We utilize all FMCG channels with specialized routes for each channel and product type. We reach more than 15,000 stores nationwide, 4,180 of which are in International Key Accounts.


What We Do

We provide an excellent opportunity for successful suppliers in Romania and abroad to commercially develop their products at a controlled cost and with limited risk.

We offer an integrated system of Commercial Services in the areas of Sales and Marketing (Online and Offline), Trade Marketing, and Logistics, forming an integral link in our partners’ supply chain for the successful brand building of the products in our portfolio.

In the field of Logistics Services, we provide warehousing, distribution, repackaging, forwarding, and specialized e-commerce services. There are over 19,000 sq. m. of certified covered warehouse facilities, compliant with any temperature zone, spread across 8 locations. An additional 11,000 sq. m. of office space is spread accross several buildings. Our fleet consists of 300 certified vehicles, dispatching over 45 million cartons per year.


Our Purpose

Improve everyday life by making quality products easily accessible.

Our Vision

Become the trusted cost-efficient partner for companies planning to expand their business in Romania.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Ensure sustainable and profitable business growth for our partners and the brands we represent.

Our Promise

Drive profitable growth optimization and provide sustainable solutions to supply chain challenges.


Our Values


Behaviour characterized by fairness, honesty, and respect.


Uphold high standards without compromise.


Inspire excellence among colleagues and partners.


Reliability is our cornerstone. We honor our commitments.


Operate as one team, supporting each other and our partners.


We’re agile and always ready to optimize our service level for the benefit of the brands in our portfolio.

Eagerness to Grow

We’re forward-looking, nurturing talent, setting clear professional development goals, and constantly seeking improvement.


Our History

Counting over 30 years of operation in the Romanian market and having solid relationships that span over 20 years with many of our principals, we are proud to be a major player in the Romanian commercial arena.


ELGEKA Company was founded.


Top 500 Dynamic Companies.


Expanded in Romania.


100 million Turnover Euro NSV.




Top Distribution Firms Romania.


75 million Turnover Euro NSV.


ELGEKA Company was founded by George and Helen Katsiotis in Greece.


In Top 500 Most Dynamic European Companies.


ELGEKA chose Romania to be the first country to extend its plans of entering Balkan region. ELGEKA took over the control of Cosmos company in 2000 (Cosmos has been on the market since 1993).


Turnover overpasses 100 million Euro NSV.


ELGEKA Romania merges activity with FERFELIS Line becoming ELGEKA – FERFELIS ROMANIA SA.


One of the largest distribution companies in Romania.


Turnover overpasses 75 million Euro NSV.


ELGEKA-FERFELI's Board of Directors oversees the company’s overall strategy and direction. The management team is built on extensive and diverse experience in both Romanian and global environments.

Ioannis Ferfelis

Chairman & Managing Director

Anthimos Misailindis

Vice President

Adamantios Lentsios

Board of Directors Member



We aim for long-term growth and profitability through our commitment to sustainability and manage our environmental impact through alternative waste management solutions for non-hazardous packaging, and recycling of old electronics and batteries.
We uphold high ethical standards across our business operations. This is ensured through:

Code of Business Ethics

This code guides our operations and governs internal regulations, emphasizing integrity, impartiality, professionalism, transparency, and respect for human rights. It also highlights our commitment to diversity and prohibits discrimination, child labor, undeclared work, substance abuse, and any form of violence or harassment.

Code of Corporate Governance

We adhere to high standards of corporate governance to optimize operational efficiency and ensure fairness towards shareholders and stakeholders.

Social Obligations

Our social commitments include ethical trade, human rights respect, employee health and safety, inclusion and diversity, employee development, community welfare, and anti-corruption efforts. We are also committed to providing consumers with safe, high quality products.