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Μarket Expansion Services

  1. We offer sustainable, profitable business growth for our partners and their brands.
  2. We provide integrated, customized solutions to achieve business goals.
  3. We are your growth-driving partner, overseeing every step of your brand’s journey to the consumers.

Our Business Model

  1. We play a critical role in the commercial and supply chain.
  2. We strategize for our partners’ brand growth through marketing, sales, distribution, and after-sales services.
  3. We create and fulfill demand using advanced technology and insights, supporting our customers.

Partner / Principal

  1. Strategic support
  2. Commercial Insights
  3. Marketing
  4. Trade Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Distribution
  7. After Sales Services


  1. Customer Business Development
  2. Creating and Fulfilling Demand
  3. Providing Insight

Commercial Framework

Our framework combines Brand & Sales fundamentals for a proven, effective model.

Brand fundamentals - 4 Ps

Sales fundamentals - 4 As


  1. Focus on key claims (customer facing)
  2. Focus assortment


  1. Channels’ alignment
  2. Distribution targets per channel | customer | typology


  1. Category to Play
  2. Source of Business | Brand(s) and SKU(s)


(Merchandising guidelines)

  1. Primary: Corridor | shelf | next to… | away from…
  2. Secondary | Cross-merchandising considerations


  1. Intended Price Positioning


(In-Market Pricing)

  1. RSP | Regular Price
  2. Promo depth per type of activation


(Consumer facing)

  1. Supplier’s Brand Building Activities


(Shopper & Customer facing)

  1. Activity Grid
  2. Seasonal & Occasions considerations (if any)





Global Market Strategy


Local Marketing & Digital Environment, Insights, Brand Building, Omnichannel Strategy

Trade Marketing, Reporting

Customer Business Development & Sales

Logistics & Distribution Services

Fine Instore Services, Merchandising, Brand Activations & Evaluations

Our Services Flow

  1. We take over non-core competencies, providing commercial support tailored to your needs.
  2. Our Marketing Team focuses on Brand building and development.
  3. Our Customer Business Development Team focuses on Customer Development Strategy, Business Plan Development, and Customer Experience.

How We Operate

Marketing & Trade Marketing

Includes brand building, budgeting / P&L, commercial policy development, market research & insights, traditional and digital media planning, promotional program design and reporting, category management, pop materials and signage creation, PR activities, etc.

Customer Business Development & Sales

Offers access to diverse market channels (offline and online), sales planning, salesforce management, ordering & invoicing, merchandising services, sales performance reporting, customer service and after-sales support.


Provides supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, order fulfillment, and return management.


Our Operational Cycle

Our organizational structure enables operational excellence.

Sales Planning

Customer Service

Order Management

Invoicing to Customer

Credit Management


Cutting edge technology at the core of our operations

Powering our operations with advanced technology, we strive for service and process excellence. Utilizing comprehensive tools like Microsoft Dynamics, along with proprietary, custom solutions, we deliver a 360º approach, ensuring world-class reporting and transparency. From drafting activity plans to analyzing and reporting results, we turn data into actionable insights for smart decision-making.

Our integrated tools empower us to scrutinize the market, fortify our brands, oversee retail execution, and constantly monitor promotions. At ELGEKA-FERFELIS, technology isn’t just a tool; it’s a key strategy for achieving market success.


Mastering Terrain & Seasonality: Turning Challenges into Strengths

We have a unique mastery over the geographical and seasonal weather challenges in Romania, effectively turning these challenges into our strengths.

Geographical Complexity

Romania's diverse terrain includes a large surface covered by mountains, hills, forests and remote locations or difficult roads.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Romania expieriences significant variations in weather, with prolonged, cold winters.

Here’s how we deliver exceptional results:

Investment in Technology & Infrastructure

By leveraging advanced forecasting tools, agile and robust logistics infrastructure, and a knowledgeable team familiar with the Romnian distribution landscape, we ensure seamless product availability with accurate forecasting and astute inventory management.

Strong Local Relationships

Our firm ties with local partners enable us to overcome the geographical complexity of Romania, thereby ensuring consistent & adaptable reach to smaller and remote urban and rural areas.

Our expertise and strategy not only help us overcome the complexities of Romania's terrain and seasonality, but also empower us to deliver outstanding results.