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Sales & Distribution services for IKA and TT markets

We cover our direct and indirect distribution services with 12 branches strategically placed all over the country and 314 sales & merchandising team members.

  • Direct Distribution covers about 16300 clients while Indirect Distribution is covering about 13500 clients.
  • For Indirect Distribution we have a strong professional partnership with about 50 sub-distributors.


Our sales force is divided into 4 distinct divisions covering specific product portfolios:

Covering full range portfolio

  • 51 sales representatives
  • covering about 9300 clients

Covering HENKEL Detergents products

  • 32 sales representatives
  • covering about 6000 clients

Covering HENKEL Cosmetics products

  • 26 sales representatives
  • new division initiated in 2017

Covering SHELL Lubricants products portfolio

  • Industry (70%)
    • auto components
    • general manufacturing
    • food
    • metals
    • cement
  • ¬†Automotive (30%)
    • franchised workshops
    • independent workshops
    • high street

connected services for our existing partners

For our existing sales & distribution partners, we offer connected services supporting our daily business for a strong partnership.

Financial Planning

  • Investment evaluation down to commercial or marketing activities
  • Cost analysis regarding distribution and warehousing expenses

Customer Service

  • Sales teams and client support
  • Daily productivity reports for internal and partners use
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