Black Energy Launch in Romania with Mike Tyson

After conquering Poland becoming the market leader short after it’s launch, Black Energy is brought to Romania by the world boxing legend, Mike Tyson, who will attend the event along with Company representatives from FoodCare Poland and Elgeka-Ferfelis Romania.

We announces a 360°event with maximum visibility, the implementation of a 51-hour marathon event with a strict program the American star followed.

Mike Tyson – our brand celebrity – the real legend !

BLACK Energy Drink was launched in 2011 in Europe.

From the beginning our goal was to become a leader in the category.

In less than 2 years, BLACK ENERGY DRINK passed RED BULL and become Number 1 in Poland

Black means: premium, strong and fast, prestige and luxury, the perfect embodyment of the American style. Black give you the energy dose you need to get what you want.

Black works, try it!

Black Energy Drink is available in Romanian distribution chains with two product lines Black Energy Drinks and Black Vitamin Drinks. The Black Energy Drinks that includes the fallowing flavors : Black Energy Classic, Black Energy Zero, Black Energy Mojito and the Black Vitamin Power Drinks lines offers: Black Vitamin Power-C, Black Vitamin – Vitamins & Minerals, Black Vitamin Magnesium, Black Vitamin Natural Caffeine .

Welcome to the Black World – where everything is possible!

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