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Melitta Group. As a family-owned company, our future development is built on strong foundations: the inventiveness, innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit of Melitta Bentz who founded our company in 1908. Using a brass cup and a piece of blotting paper, she created the world’s first coffee filter. At the time, no one imagined that her invention would revolutionize the enjoyment of coffee the world over and lay the foundation for the extraordinary story of a successful brand.

Melitta Brands:

The brand Melitta® stands for the expert balancing of tradition and modernity – with the goal of offering extraordinary coffee enjoyment in harmony with the heartbeat of the times. In its over 100 years of company history, Melitta Group has revolutionised preparation of the popular hot beverage again and again: from the invention of filtering coffee with paper in 1908, the first finely ground, vacuum-packed coffee for filtering in 1962, and the introduction of the first electric filter coffee machine to the German market in 1965, to the patented Aromapor® paper and today’s Melitta® filter papers, sustainably produced according to the FSC standards.

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Keeping things fresh, freezing, baking, preparing: the Toppits® brand features an impressive range of indispensable household helpers. Offering aluminium foil, cling film, freezer bags, aluminium foil for baking, muffin cups, barbecue trays, sandwich paper, ice cube bags, roasting tubes and much more, Toppits® has revolutionised the household with its many innovative products.

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Under the Swirl® brand, Melitta Group manufactures products that make everyday life easier, more pleasant and cleaner. Swirl® is synonymous with high-quality products for vacuuming, descaling, cleaning, garbage disposal and indoor air filtration. The broad product range includes vacuum cleaner bags and vacuum cleaner accessories, bin liners, descalers, lens cleaning tissues as well as air filters. Products bearing the Swirl® brand can be found in around 40 countries throughout Europe and Asia.

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