AROMA is a leading European producer of cosmetics with a long tradition in caring for consumer’s beauty. The company produces a wide range of hygiene and cosmetic products with natural ingredients. The modern equipment in the workshops and laboratories, the remarkable scientific and human resources, enable us to offer products with natural ingredients and guarantee stable quality, meeting the highest world standards. Our products are aimed at a large number of consumers worldwide.

AROMA Brands:

AROMA Color. More than 45 years women in Bulgaria trust the consistent results and proven quality of AROMA Color brand. Active ingredients in the new enriched macadamia oil formula of hair dye improve dissolving of pigments, ensure deeper penetration into the hair thus making the color last longer. AROMA COLOR offers a palette of 28 saturated and brilliant shades. Guaranteed results – without grey hair!

AROMA liquid and solid soaps which gently cleanses the skin and makes it silky soft. Enriched with natural oils, which make the skin soft and smooth, and glycerin, which helps for better skin hydration.

Astera toothbrushes

Astera toothpaste

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